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We develop project fees for our services based on the scope of your project needs. Following your initial consultation, all aspects of your project and the involvement you require from us to implement it, are taken into consideration and evaluated. All fees are discussed and mutually agreed upon between the client and the designer, along with budget considerations, prior to proceeding further with the project.

Fees for services rendered are charged based on this criteria and typically fall under the following custom-tailored fee categories:

In-Store Consultations
When you are purchasing products from our store, advice or consultation is offered as a complimentary service. Appointments are recommended and time may be limited, based on the designer's availability. Should you decide to stop by our showroom without an appointment, by chance, we may be available between 10am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. However, we do not currently maintain regularly open store hours, as we are frequently out on house calls.

Hourly Fees
An hourly rate, starting at $40 per hour, is typically charged for smaller projects and in-home consultations. Most projects charged based on this fee do not exceed 10 hours of service.

Value-based Flat Fees
This fee option is available for larger projects that exceed 10 hours of service. A flat fee is calculated based on the estimated time and involvement needed for us to create and implement your design project, without the worry of open-ended hourly rates.

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